10 interesting facts about sharks

10 Interesting facts about sharks

Do you think you know everything that there is to know about sharks? Here, we’ll tell you some interesting facts that we’re sure you didn’t know about these magnificent marine creatures.

There are more types of sharks than you think

First of all, let’s mention that we are all used to a classic figure of this species when, in reality, there are over 400 different species of shark that exist in the world.

And also, not all sharks are huge; over half of the species have a length that doesn’t surpass 3 ft.

Only some species are bigger than humans

Currently, it’s estimated that only about 20% of shark species are bigger than humans. At the same time, from that 20%, only 5% are huge (some notable ones are the white shark, the basking shark, the whale shark, and others).

Did you know that sharks can’t stop swimming?

This is because sharks don’t have a swim bladder, this organ is present in most fish and allows them to stop swimming and float. Incredible, right?

No shark is dangerous!

Another interesting fact about sharks is related to how humans are a bigger risk for a shark than they are for humans.

The best example of this is the hammerhead shark, which has lost almost 90% of its population in the past few years due to human intervention.

tiger shark

What is a shark’s skin like?

Although possibly at first sight it isn’t noticed, the skin of a shark is extremely rough. This is fundamentally due to how it’s made up of dermal dentils, which are made of the same material as its teeth.

In fact, a long time ago, many cultures used shark skin as sandpaper for construction.

How many teeth does a shark lose?

It could seem incredible, but an average shark can lose up to 1,000 teeth a year. However, those teeth have a permanent replacement, which are used throughout the shark’s life.

How well does a shark see?

Sharks are one of the animals with the best vision in the world. And, as well as sight, their smell and auditory systems are excellent.

Did you know that sharks don’t have bones?

Although it could seem incredible, no shark species has bones. In fact, the skeleton of these animals is purely and exclusively made from cartilage.

The scariest part: the mouth

As we mentioned earlier, many shark species are smaller than humans. However, giant sharks exist, and what are their mouths like?

One of the most common shark species is the white shark. This species has a mouth that can be up to two meters in diameter. However, and what could be more interesting, this animal usually eats the tremendously small plankton.

How long can a shark live?

One of the sharks with the biggest life span is the dogfish. It can live up to 70 or 100 years.

As you can see, this incredible species has a lot to show us, and we could take better care of it and learn from it.

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