the 7 architectural structures around the world

7 amazing architectural structures around the world

Here at Shark Tower one of the artistic expressions that we love the most is, obviously, architecture. Throughout time there have been great artists which architectural structures become masterpieces and can still be found around the vast cities of the world. Architecture is art and lifestyle all at once. It’s a form of art that uses the city or the wilderness as its canvas. Of course we have our favorite architectural structures that clearly show what we’re talking about.

Architectural structures that will take your breath away

Imagination can take us well beyond what’s conventional and out of the box, with such creations that seem to be thought outside of reality. The great artists and their creations that we are about to show you have not only achieved this but have also become iconic to the urban landscape.

In Mexico, Nautilus House.

casa nautilus exteriorLocated in the State of Mexico, in the Naucalpan region of Mexico you will be able to find the Nautilus House (or Casa Nautilus as called by the locals). With a dream-like design, both for interiors and the façade, the architect Javier Senosiain created a wonderful piece of art. As you can infer bye the name, the design of this house was inspired by the Nautilus, a sea mollusk, whose spiral form can be appreciated in every corner of this wonderful place. It’s one of our favorite buildings due to its beauty and uniqueness, and, of course, because it’s also inspired by a species that makes the “Big Blue” its home.

In Holand, Inntel Hotel

inntel hotel zaanstad amsterdamLocated in the Zaan region, near the infamous and beautiful city of Amsterdam, you will find the impressive Inntel Hotel Zaandam. What makes this so unique is the structure or façade, or, better said, the series of different façades that nostalgically resemble the old buildings from Holland. With modern and comfortable interiors at the same time. You cannot miss the opportunity to see this unique masterpiece.

In USA, Wonderwoks

museo wonderworks florida by leonard j. defrancisciWonderworks is a “chain” of museums located in different cities across the United States of America. At the very first glance to any of these buildings you are able to see what makes them so special, they’re upside down! As if a giant had ripped the building and then put it back again but upside down; with the ceiling on the floor and the foundations looking at the sky. It is an interactive museum with over 100 pieces meant for young kids that can be enjoyed by those big and small.

In Mexico, Shark Tower

shark tower smallerWithin the azure waters of the Caribbean, by the white sandy beaches and under the warm tropical sun in Cancun you’ll find Shark Tower. With spectacular designs and architecture, Shark Tower is a project that is most definitely at the top. Its innovative design inspired by the constant forward moving of the great sharks has now become the major sustainable construction and most respectful to the environment of the world. Due to its original design, its source of inspiration, its sustainability and luxurious finishes is what makes this project one of the most attractive architectural designs.

In Taiwan, UFO House

In the city of Sanzhi, Taiwan, there use to be a spectacular place known as the “UFO Houses”. The design for these UFO houses was inspired by science fiction and built at the late 70’s; yet, they were never fully finished nor lived in due to several superstitions. Once it was abandoned it became a tourist attraction due to its inimitable design. Sadly, today these houses are no longer adorning the city as they were demolished on 2008, by 2010 there was no trace of them. Nonetheless, the sheer memory of this revolutionary and distinctive design is what makes us add it to this list.

In Colombia, Terracota House

casa terracota colombia villa de leyvaLocated in Villa de Leyva, Colombia, amongst the mountains and the green pastures there’s a smaller part of town where we will be able to find the Terracota House; a house made entirely by baked clay of over 5,000 sq. ft. Designed and built by the Colombian architect Octavio Mendoza to show that with clay, as if it were a craft, you can build houses. It’s over 400 tons of clay! Visually the house’s structure is very peculiar and without a specific form. We love it none the less due to its interesting proposal of using clay and baking it as you build.

In Spain, Batlló House

casa batllo barcelona españaOf course, in a list of unique and beautiful designs we couldn’t leave out one made by the ingenious Antonio Gaudí. In this particular occasion we will talk about the Batlló House, located in Barcelona, Spain, which is completely inspired by the Modernist movement that made Gaudí so famous. It’s true, though, that it was originally designed by his teacher, Emilio Sala Cortés in 1877, nonetheless, as the century turned Gaudí took charge of the project and redesigned the façade in such a way that it is now considered worldwide as a unique masterpiece that still adorns the city’s canvas and it has even been declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

These are our 7 favorite designs! Which one are yours? Which architectural designs would you add to this list? Leave us your comments.

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