7 shark skills that will amaze you

7 Shark Skills that will amaze you

While there are countless of shark features that make them one of the most wonderful creatures in the ocean…

There are still many things we do not know about them and that can give us even more surprises about this magnificent animal.

Despite having more than 450 million years of existence, the shark still has so many surprises even for those who dedicate their lives to their research. Below, we will tell you a little bit about the skills of these animals.

The shark has many impressive skills that are unique in the world. These are eight of most recognized shark skills.

The Power of Infallible Hunting

We will not fail to mention their ability to smell a drop of blood that can be found a mile away.

It is this quality that makes the shark an infallible hunter. However, while we know that these animals are excellent hunters, this does not mean that they are dangerous.

Sensitivity to Electric Fields

The sensitivity of the shark to the electric fields is so strong that it can be more precise than the most advanced science instruments.

Around the shark’s snout there can be seen dozens of holes. These holes form a network of pores, which are called “Ampullae of Lorenzini.”

The network of pores has an external opening of a sort with channels of gelatinous consistency, which have some cells that are electro receivers. These cells also help the shark to make its hunting more effective.

High Accuracy for Navigation

Unlike other animals, the shark has no particles to detect magnetic fields through its sensory organs. However, the shark can swim for miles in a straight line, even moving away from home.

Sperm Storage

For certain species of sharks, opportunities for pairing are very few. Therefore, females have the ability to store sperm from each sexual encounter, and they can use it when they decide to become mothers.

shark female

Extremely Secretive

Within the various animal species that inhabit the marine ecosystems, the shark is characterized by being one of the most secretive when moving. This accounts for their reputation as predators.

Maintenance of the Ecosystem

Although we have already talked about the importance of the shark in the ecosystem, this species can be considered a sort of “doctor” of the ocean.

In fact, it has been found that in coral reef areas where sharks have begun to be missing, the number of predators has increased, and therefore, the number of herbivorous fish has decreased, which is necessary to keep the reef areas free of algae.

They go Unnoticed

While this is not true for all the shark species, the upper body of many of them is dark colored, allowing them to easily mix with water, so they may go unnoticed by possible hunters.

They have many Forms of Communication

It is no wonder that creatures as intelligent as sharks can count on various ways of communicating.

Sometimes, they communicate through their fight, when there is a prey in between. However, in general, this type of communication tends to be friendly among the sharks themselves.

At the same time, sharks use a lot of body language to communicate, placing their body in different postures.

In future entries, we will continue to surprise you with more skills of these amazing creatures.

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