8 shark skills that will surprise you

8 Shark skills that will surprise you

It’s true that the number of characteristics of a shark is countless, making it one of the most marvelous creatures in the ocean.

That’s why there are still many things we don’t know about them, things that can give us, even more, surprises regarding this magnificent animal.

The shark has impressive abilities that are unique in this world. There are eight that are the most well-known.

Infallible hunting power

We cannot write this piece without mentioning, among the skills of sharks, their ability to smell a drop of blood that could be a mile away.

This makes the shark a practically infallible hunter. Nevertheless, even though these animals are good hunters, this doesn’t mean that they’re dangerous.

Sensitivity to electric fields

The sensitivity the shark has with electric fields is very high, and it can become more precise than the most advanced scientific instruments.

Around the shark’s snout, there are also dozens of holes. These create a network of pores that receive the name “Ampullae of Lorenzini.”

That network of pores is the exterior opening of a sort of canals of gelatinous consistency, where some cells are electricity receptors. These cells also help the shark make its hunting movements more effective.

shark a doctor the sea

Great precision to navigate

Unlike other species of animals, the shark doesn’t have particles to detect magnetic fields through its sensory organs. However, the shark can swim for miles in a straight line, even getting away from its home.

Sperm storage

For certain shark species, few are the opportunities to find a mate. Because of that, the females have the ability to store sperm from each sexual encounter, and they are able to use it later in any moment when they decide to become mothers.

Very stealthy

Within the different animal species that are in the maritime ecosystems, the shark is known for being one of the stealthiest when it comes to motion. That is why it is such a famous predator.

Ecosystem maintenance

Although we’ve already talked about the importance of the shark in the ecosystem, this species could be considered a lucky “doctor” of the ocean.

In fact, it has been confirmed that coral reef zones where sharks live and are starting to disappear, the amount of hunters has increased; thus, the number of herbivore fish has gone down, fish that are needed to maintain the reefs and keep seaweed away.

Go Unnoticed

Although it is verifiable that this isn’t true in all shark species, in general, the superior part of the body of many of them is dark, which allows them to merge easily with the water, thus being able to go by unnoticed to possible hunters.

They have many forms of communication

It isn’t surprising that such intelligent creatures like sharks are able to have multiple ways to communicate.

Sometimes, they communicate through fighting, when there is a prey between them. However, in general, this type of communication tends to be friendly among the sharks.

At the same time, sharks use many corporal expressions to communicate, putting their body in different positions.

In future entries, we’ll continue to surprise you with more of these impressive creatures’ skills.

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