beautiful marine fauna found in cancun

Beautiful marine fauna found in Cancun

Every year more people decide to vacate into Cancun thanks to its beautiful landscapes and the beautiful marine fauna.

This is not only due to its imposing landscapes and the infinity of spaces to enjoy and relax surrounding the area. More and more people are coming to Cancun to be impressed with its beautiful and unique marine fauna.

In relation to this, the practices of underwater sports, such as snorkeling or diving are a tourist attraction par excellence in this region.

Know the marine fauna of Cancun

Marvel at the beauty and walking of Cancun’s marine wildlife is today one of the most important tourist attractions of this place. However, it can be mentioned as a general rule that it is advisable not to get too close to animals and, much less, to try to touch them. Keeping these cares, discovering the marine fauna of Cancun is an experience without equal, able to be kept in memory forever.

The amazing marine fauna that we can find in Cancun is composed of the animals that we will mention below.

Sea turtles

Visiting Quintana Roo, we can find four different species of sea turtles. These are: the White Sea turtle, the loggerhead, the lute and the hawksbill.

It is important to have a lot of respect towards these species, as they are in danger of extinction.

cancun sea turtles

The stripes

Stripes are one of the most frequent species within the waters of the Caribbean. It is very common to find stripes especially in coral reefs, as well as in the warm and shallow waters of the beaches of Cancun.

The Sharks

Sharks are clearly the stars of Cancun’s marine wildlife. In these waters, two types of sharks can be found especially: the whale shark and the nurse shark.

While the nurse shark is a small species that tend to stay away from divers, the huge and harmless whale shark represents an attraction in itself, since diving in their company has become a very common practice during the months in which it comes to the coast to feed.

shark in cancun

Sea urchins

Within the marine fauna of Cancun, we cannot fail to mention sea urchins. These, remain attached to the bottom of the sea, being difficult to observe because of its small size.

These are made up of many sharp needles, so it is important not to try to touch them.

The corals

The corals make up the most attractive part of the marine fauna of Cancun, due to the attractiveness that result in the eyes of those who dive. However, as we have said before, it is very important not to touch them.

As we have seen, the marine fauna of Cancun is one of its most important tourist attractions and a unique opportunity in life to enjoy a peaceful coexistence with nature.

the corals in cancun

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