how to protect coral reefs

How to protect coral reefs?

As we know, coral reefs are an invaluable resource whose benefits – both environmental and social – are indisputable.

In addition to protecting the coasts from erosion, coral reefs are a direct source of tourism as well as important food webs of marine ecosystems.

In other words, coral reefs are fundamental ecosystems for the functional environment and both social and economic development of our species.

Taking into account the importance of coral reefs, it is essential to understand the different methods that we can carry out to protect them in order to avoid their destruction or deterioration.

Protect coral reefs

There are many methods that we can take into consideration if we are to collaborate with the protection of coral reefs. As we know, contributing our “grain of sand” is indispensable to ensure the care of our environment.

Here are some actions to take in order to take care of coral reefs.

Take care of water

Although it is an indispensable resource for the survival of human beings and their social development, it is also a resource that has been classified for years as “renewable,” but guess what, water is also limited and the more we use, the more polluted our oceans get.

Protect the coral reefs with your everyday rutine

Of course, pollution is not generated by a single person, and we alone cannot eliminate it from our planet. However, we can always contribute with small changes to our everyday rutine. A clear example of this is to replace pollution-emitting transports with more natural ones such as walking, cycling, and trains. Reducing your consumption of plastic would also be one of the best things you could do to protect our oceans.

During the last years, coral reefs have been strongly affected by whitening, which arises as a result of the warming of the oceans, influenced by the emission of polluting gases and general contamination.

Use organic fertilizers

In one way or another, chemicals always reach the seas, so reducing their use is a great alternative to protect them.

Do not be messy!

This may sound like a catchphrase, but waste that is left on beaches or other coastal areas reaches the seas, generating significant levels of pollution that eventually affect coral reefs and every other living creature in the ocean.

cleaning beaches

Let’s all support coral reefs

There are now many businesses that support coral reefs and work to contribute to the conservation of natural environments and seas. In this sense, a great way to help is by supporting those businesses rather than others whose effects are predominantly polluting. An example of these business are those that have removed the used of plastic straws and other plastic contaminants that ALWAYS end in the ocean.

More trees!

The reforestation of the planet is one of the best weapons against climate change, which brings so many problems for coral reefs. At the same time, increasing flora population reduces heat and other elements that harm coral reefs.

Respect coral reefs

Water sports on coral reefs have spread widely over the past few years. While this can be a wonderful practice, it is important to respect the reefs as if it were a work of art by not touching them nor grabbing a “souvenir”

The points mentioned above are just some of the things we can do to contribute and protect our coral reefs, which are very important for our planet and its ecosystems.

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