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Shark Tower Insight

In order to give shape to this astonishing idea, we reinterpreted the dynamic aspect of the shark’s dorsal fin, the most representative part of the animal’s anatomy and the main cause of driving sharks into extinction; this being the reason for the perfect design concept.

The unconventional building’s shape within the architectonic context gives the impression of a shark swimming among other buildings in Puerto Cancun, turning it into Cancun’s visual landmark.


By building a state-of-the-art research lab for shark biologists, we will support scientists to study the psychological and behavior assets of marine animals, emphasizing the effect of human activity in the ocean. Besides, SHARK TOWER will donate a percentage of the sales to diverse shark preservation programs.

With our unique and sustainable design, SHARK TOWER will thrive to meet our client´s luxurious life style expectations.

The Amazing Shark Tower In Cancun


forward, ALWAYS

Everything began with an idea of redefining
MODERN ARCHITECTURE by providing a special purpose:

This project is not only a high rise, but the soul of 500 million years of evolution.


6.4% and 7.9% of sharks of all species are killed annually


100 million sharks are killed every year


30 years of research in Quintana Roo without any report of shark incidents

SHARKS today,
a GLOBAL concern

The number of sharks being caught every year is too high considering the number of existing species; this is the reason why they are driven into extinction. The reasons of their killings are several. Fishermen cut their fins off while they are still alive and dump their bodies into the open ocean to avoid declaring the full animal at port as well as to save space in their boat.

Massive shark killings for retail are happening as well, shark parts are sold at an unfairly low price. Unfortunately, Mexico is facing all the related problems with the shark.


Inside SHARK TOWER we will build a state-of-the-art research lab for shark biologists, this Shark Lab will support the study of the psychology and behavior of these marine animals, focusing on the effect of human activity in the ocean.


Residents can have personal contact with shark species as well as improve their knowledge regarding the subject. Scientists and Researchers will be present to support residents to sensitize with sharks and everything related to them.

Shark life
Shark Lab
Saving Our Sharks In Cancun

Shark tower is collaborating with saving our sharks by donating a percentage of the sales to aid the conservation of these majestic creatures.

Alberto Friscione Master Driver



“During the last years we have successfully gathered more information than what we were aware in the last 40 years. Unfortunately, research is time consuming as well as costly, and most of the times, we use our own economic resources.


The development of SHARK TOWER was like a Vitamin injection for us. It is very motivating to meet successful entrepreneurs getting involved in this project. Not only is SHARK TOWER supporting us economically but also morally. A proposal that allows us to get closer to accomplishing our goal of saving these creatures that have lived in the ocean for more than 400 million years.


Our final objective is that Quintana Roo will have these species swimming freely through the ocean.”


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