why protect and save our sharks

Why is it so important to protect and save our sharks?

Help us save our sharks! Sharks are one of the most important species you will find in the sea, they’ve been navigating the oceans for millions of years thus helping other species evolve. They are the perfect hunting machine designed to survive any marine environment, there are species small, big and giant.

Why should we save our sharks?

Sharks are the top of the food chain

Naturally sharks do not have predators (except for humans!!); this is why they are at the top of their food chain. Protecting sharks is protecting all other species that are underneath them on the scale. If sharks were to disappear it would negatively affect the ecological balance of the oceans, creating chaos and, eventually, the disappearance of the other fish costing the fishing industry billions of dollars.

Protecting sharks keeps other species healthy

Instinctively sharks go for those weak, injured or sick thus leaving the healthy and stronger fish to breed, this helps improve the species and keeps sickness from spreading into the rest of the ocean. Also, they keep the fish number in check so they so not overeat the rest of the species keeping the balance.

Shark meet is toxic

Sadly our oceans are more and more polluted which, in turn, makes fish meet also toxic and polluted. Fish like sharks that eat sick fish and dwell in the depths are more susceptible to mercury poisoning. They have evolve to withstand this but their meet is still toxic, so hunting and eating sharks is now a danger to other humans as their meet is full of dangerous toxins.

Sharks are a great source of income for eco-tourism

Every day eco-friendly and general awareness is becoming more and more popular which is why eco-tourism is on the rise. Having experiences with sharks in the wild (in a safe way!) is becoming a great source of income for countries all over the world, including the Mexican Caribbean. Now that’s a good reason to save our sharks, don’t you think?

Sharks are not a serious hazard

Sadly most people are terrified of sharks, not by having a direct experience with them, but because of the movie industry. The movie “Jaws” has generations afraid of sharks when they have never seen one on the wild! Did you know that only 5 people are killed by sharks each year worldwide? So you can have a more general idea, dogs kill 25,000 people every year, hippos kill 5,000 people a year.

Sharks breed at a very low rate

It takes many years for a shark to reach sexual maturity and start reproducing and, unlike fish, sharks only have between 1 to 3 babies each time. Sharks are fished at a much higher rate than they can reproduce. Some studies believe that even if we stopped hunting sharks today they will never be able to recover, but it’s a start!!

These are some of the reasons why Shark Tower Cancun has decided to invest so we can help save our sharks. This is also why the power and beauty of this wonderful creature has inspired our design.

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