shark tower the most beautiful philanthropic development

Shark Tower, the most beautiful philanthropic development

Shark Tower is an important real estate venture that is inspired directly by sharks, a species that seeks to protect, aims always to go forward and create a better future.

This is Shark Tower …

Sharks need to be constantly swimming, as this is what keeps the flow of oxygen-rich water to their gills.  Their way of surviving is basically to be permanently in movement and of course, always forward.

Taking these magnificent animals as a direct source of inspiration, Shark Tower aims to go further, forcing all developers of the real estate industry to act, evolve and progress.

“Our admiration for sharks was our main drive.”

Today, Shark Tower is what has been considered as a true and emblematic monument to these animals that have known how to live in this world and rule over it, even from a long time before we – human beings – began to share it with them.

Thanks to all this, that Shark Tower has one goal in mind, to be an example as one of the real estate groups that does something to save and protect endangered and threatened species that are in Cancun and its surroundings.

What does Shark Tower consist of?

Just as this creation accounts for the marked intentions of the organization to protect the species that are in danger, it is also an important sustainable development.

Also, the goal is to give a new meaning to the term “sustainable” and to create a real estate development that is truly friendly with the Environment. It also seeks from this to encourage society to take action on this issue and to acquire new habits and developments to take care of the environment.

In that way, Shark Tower should serve as an example to guarantee a healthier and more sustainable future.

mansions in shark tower puerto cancun

To create a structure like this, there was a need to combine the best from different domains such as design, science, architecture, technology and, also, biology.  The result of this has led to a proposal that is capable of implying an essential change in the way people choose to live.

We can find in Shark Tower the following special spaces with the same goal of presenting people with the alternative of a natural and sustainable lifestyle:

  • A Pool Room at the 11th floor which offers a view of the Caribbean Sea from a new perspective.
  • Beautiful and organic natural pools, in which you can relax while entering into a sincere contact with nature.
  • Pool Lounge, a world-class spa perfect for relaxation.
  • A cinema and multipurpose room, as well as access to Puerto Cancun´s Golf Course and resident access to the Beach Club.
  • Last model gym, with Juice Bar, Sport Centers and Wellness Center.

We could say then that Shark Tower represents a new lifestyle, more conscious, natural and, especially, in solidarity with the Environment and with the species that live on our side.

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