shark tower cancun the best place to live

Shark Tower Cancun, the best place to live

Puerto Cancun has become – with time – one of the most desired places to live. Shark Tower Cancun, the best place to live.

Living in Puerto Cancun? Today, it is the first option

It was from 2014 that Puerto Cancun began to develop a very important real estate growth.  Nowadays, this site offers different alternatives capable of adapting to the taste and diverse lifestyles of each person who chooses it as a place to live.

One of the most outstanding elements at present in Puerto Cancun is undoubtedly its unique architectural level, its exclusive living standard and its great urban quality.

Let’s know the reasons why living in Puerto Cancun can be an excellent opportunity for you.

Shark Tower with the most impressive marina in the Caribbean Sea

For those who love sailing, Puerto Cancun has the most important marina

in the Caribbean, with moorings reaching up to 125 feet. At the same time, it is possible to find a truly privileged access, for being the headquarters of Mexico´s largest nautical community in the Caribbean.

Its architecture

Shark Tower’s architecture is one of the highlights within Puerto Cancun.  Quality, elegance and sophistication are the main characteristics defining it. Nowadays, this real estate development will offer new residents all the comforts they may be looking for.

architecture shark tower

Living in an ecological reserve

Shark Tower Puerto Cancun has a natural protected area of more than 72 hectares, offering an environment of peace and calmness, in which you can also live in harmony with the region´s endemic plant and animal species.

It is an investment guarantee

Today, acquiring a property in an area like this is much more profitable than if we got it downtown. Since there are fewer regions where you can still get beachfront properties.

Puerto Cancun Town Center, a shopping center full of luxury

Puerto Cancun Town Center is one of the planning considered as the region´s most expected lifestyle. With the best places to eat and the best brand stores internationally. It is a place that will gather the access to everything you could be looking for regarding supplies and entertaining.

Private beach club

Another great project that will undoubtedly give a greater value to Shark Tower is Puerto Cancun´s Beach Club. It will have all the amenities a resort could offer.  Both children and adults can be represented and have attractions and areas of interest and entertainment for them.

If you are looking for a change of life and a new place to live, Puerto Cancun is the perfect alternative for you.

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