Types Of Sharks In The Caribean Sea

Types of sharks in the Caribbean sea

Sharks; ancient and extraordinary animals that have lived on this planet for millions of years.

In our Caribbean waters, sharks emerge from the depths of the ocean to the surface, generally, in search for prey. This is how, on the long run, we’ve discovered many types of new and unknown sharks. Here, we’ll tell you with a bit more depth about the species surrounding the caribbean.

Shark species you can find in the Caribbean

Luis Alejandro Velasco, the original castaway from Gabriel García Marquez’ book “The Story Of A Shipwrecked Sailor” spoke to us about the local sharks.

It is true, there are countless shark species currently living in these oceans and some are even yet to be discovered or officially recognised. However, fishermen, specialists and researchers have recognised exactly seven different shark species.

The Caribbean Reef Shark

This is one of the most common and familiar sharks. You can find them almost everywhere in the world, however it’s a caribbean sea species.

Unfortunately, during the past years, their population has diminished considerably as a consequence of human activity in the zone. One of the biggest threats for the Caribbean Reef Shark is uncontrolled fishing.

This shark can grow up to 5 feet in length. It is generally found in the shallow waters of the Western Atlantic Ocean.

This shark plays a fundamental role in the area’s ecosystem. You could say they control the population levels of their smaller neighbours, guaranteeing an ecological balance to the waters.

The Caribbean Reef Shark

Hammerhead Shark

This shark belongs to the Sphyrnidae family. It’s main characteristic is the curious hammer shaped head it has, which also grants him a 360º view of his surroundings.

Hammerhead shark can grow between 3 to 20 feet in length and weight up to 580kg. It has extrasensory organs that allow it to detect electromagnetic fields emanating from their prey.


Mako Shark

The Mako Shark belongs to the Lamnidea family. This shark has a fusiform body, which makes him tough and hydrodynamic. This shark’s main characteristic is it’s overwhelming strength and top speed. It’s estimated that this shark can reach up to 124 km/h.

Mako Shark Amazing Sharks

Lemon Shark

The lemon shark is yet another Caribbean type of shark. It belongs to the Carcharhinidae family. It is coloured like a lemon, yellowish.

This shark species is big and robust, with a flat and short head. It can grow up to 12 feet in length.

The sharks that we just mentioned are only a few of the magnificent species living under our Caribbean waters. You can also find Bull sharks, Black Tip sharks and Black Nose sharks.

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