what kind of sharks inhabit the mexican caribbean

What kind of Sharks Inhabit the Mexican Caribbean?

They are one of the most wonderful and magnificent animal species in the world. We are particularly talking about the sharks.

Part of having a better relationship with our natural environment has to do with knowing the different animal species that live in it and, ultimately, that live with us daily.

This is why we will talk about the shark species that inhabit the Mexican Caribbean Sea.

The Sharks on the Mexican Caribbean are Incredible Species

The Mexican Caribbean Sea is one of the largest and most important habitats of sharks. Here- and especially in the area near Quintana Roo – we can find amazing species, such as the red shark, whale shark, bull shark, spinner shark, porous shark, and lemon shark.

Part of knowing more about the species we live with daily has to do with being able to demystify all that is wrongly and popularly said about them, which is, in turn, leading to insane and terrible hunting practices that result in serious problems for the ecosystem.

Whale Shark

You will be surprised to know that the whale shark is the largest species of sharks in the world. Many researchers say that when this shark reaches its maximum size, it can measure up to 12 meters (36 feet) and weigh up to 15 tons.

Contrary to what might be believed as a result of popular myths, this is one of the sharks that is not considered as an active hunter; this species consumes plankton and it is quite the sight to watch it eat.

It is a species that reaches the island of Holbox approximately in the month of May and stays there until August.


Bull Shark

The bull shark is one of the shark species that lives the most in waters close to tropical shores. In addition, it is one of the most abundant species, both in salty and fresh waters.

This shark has an average size considering the whole species, although it is one of the most corpulent species with long fins.

Spinner Shark

This shark species is characterized by its large size and a black color at the tips of their fins. Similar to other species, its snout is long and its color is gray.

The spinner shark marvels the great majority of researchers, because of its speed and agility which allows it to carry out maneuvers of great complexity.

Smalltail Shark

The smalltail shark is one of the most frequent visitors in the waters North of the Gulf of Mexico, extending also towards the waters of the South of Brazil and part of Uruguay.

Lemon Shark

The sharks known as “lemon shark” has a thin and elongated body, and its fins are very small. One of its most frequent habitats is the Gulf of Mexico.

It is one of the night-fed sharks that eats catfish, salmon, some mollusks, and crustaceans

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